Onion soup the easy recipe

Onion soup: the easy recipe

Onion soup is a simple and tasty dish, perfect for cold evenings. Accompanied by bread croutons au gratin and melted cheese, this recipe from YouCook Cuisine will delight you!

Cream of butternut soup with goat cheese

Cream of butternut soup with goat cheese

We love this velvety butternut soup with goat cream and its crispy croutons! Creamy and with a good goat’s cheese taste, this squash-based dish is sure to become a must for fall and winter. To taste it is to adopt it!

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Main Dish

Spinach and goat’s cheese lasagna

A family dish par excellence, the Lasagna here is garnished with spinach and goat’s cheese. It is a melting and greedy preparation that we like to accompany with a piece of poultry.

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Main Dish

Carrots roasted with honey

Honey roasted carrots are perfect to accompany meats and fish. Melting in the mouth and flavoured with cumin, this sweet and savoury recipe is to be tested without delay!

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Creamy chocolate cream

Creamy and greedy, chocolate cream is a dessert that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike. Without further ado, here’s how to make this essential dessert yourself. You can also add some orange zest or salt crystals.

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Cake Dessert

Sweet Potato & Almond Cake

Soft and crunchy, this delicious sweet potato and almond cake is a true delicacy to be tested without delay! Original and tasty, this exotic cake can be eaten in the morning as well as at snack time.

Gougeres au Beaufort
Main Dish

Gougères au beaufort

The gougers au beaufort are small greedy bites to be tasted as an aperitif or as a starter with a green salad. Melting and soft, these sweets are to be tested without delay!

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Kiwi granola glasses

At the height of the kiwi season, here is a crunchy recipe to enjoy this fruit with antioxidant powers. Without further delay, we test the kiwi granola verrines! Rich in vitamins C and K, they help prevent cardiovascular disease and are effective in cases of constipation.