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Gougères au beaufort

The gougères au beaufort are small gourmet bites to be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a starter with a green salad. Melting and soft, these sweets are to be tested without delay!

coconut milk and caramel pudding

Coconut milk and caramel pudding

Easy, quick and exotic, this coconut milk and caramel flan is a little nugget to end your meal on a light and greedy note. This recipe is absolutely perfect for young and old when you feel like changing homemade pies and cakes.

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Parmesan polenta fries

Parmesan polenta friesTo accompany meats, fish or vegetable patties, we share with you the recipe of polenta fries with parmesan, a crispy delicacy. Flavoured just right, these oven-baked golden polenta sticks will work wonders with young and old alike.

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Couscous express

A typically Berber speciality, couscous is a tasty and fragrant dish made with semolina, vegetables, spices and meat or fish. Slowly simmered, it is a real delight in the mouth! Here is an express recipe to simply make this dish from the Maghreb.

clementine salad

Clementine Salad

In the mood for citrus fruits? Then, here is a clementine salad to serve as a dessert. It’s the perfect recipe to end a hearty meal on a light, tangy note. Quick and easy, this citrus fruit salad flavoured with saffron and cinnamon will awaken your taste buds in the sweetest of ways. You can …

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Nantes cake

Originally from Nantes, this soft cake flavoured with rum and covered with a glaze is a real delight in the mouth! The cake of the original recipe is topped with an apricot jelly, so don’t hesitate to adapt the one we offer you today according to your convenience.

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Mousse au chocolat blanc

Sweet and light, white chocolate mousse is a dessert that we love to enjoy in front of a good movie or at teatime. It can also be garnished with some raspberries or chocolate shavings. Make way for the greediness!